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It’s Mary-Kate Monday. This post is dedicated to my own MK, Katrina who is working hard on the front line of corporate america, scrolling facebook and olsen anonymous whilst trying to appear like she is actually working.

I felt this best represented you for the obvious reasons. She’s giving a presentation like you do at work, and she isn’t eating carbs. Or much of anything…

Happy Monday!


Can Someone Explain This to Me?

First, I want to say that this video sent me on a rollercoaster of emotion that ranged from overly excited about what i was watching, to frightened for the asian youth. That being said, can anyone explain what’s going on here? I can count to 10 in japanese and tell someone they are “super kawaii!” but I can’t translate what this chick is saying and I REALLY want to know what the lyrics are so that I can know why she’s sharting fire farts and dancing around bones while trying to look like an asian version of Katy Perry on steroids…and acid.

If you can tell me what she’s singing about I’ll give you my first born. Or to be safe, incase i end up having an uninhabitable womb and never bare children, let’s just say you can come to al lago and i’ll give you a free birthday tiramisu.

Journalism at it’s finest.

Some of you might not be aware of Geraldo Rivera’s recent stupidity on Fox News, but I’m sure you’ve all heard about the tragedy of the Trayvon Martin Murder Case in, drum roll please…Florida. Of course. Sorry Courtney.

If you didn’t Geraldo basically made the “very smart and justified comment” that

“The hoodie killed Trayvon Martin as surely as George Zimmerman did”

Yeah…because hoodie’s are now the equivalent of wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m an impressionable youth who probably belongs to a gang and is up to no good…SHOOT ME”. Great investigative work Geraldo. For this reason I feel it’s important to show you guys a bunch of photos of other suspicious individuals donning hoodies that everyone should lookout for. Like this guy:

Remember, if you see anyone like this wearing a hoodie and strolling about in the street, you should probably pull out your 9mill and be prepared to “stand your ground.” See the rest of these crazy criminals Here

Whenever I need to get motivated to work out…

I like to watch videos from old seasons of So You Think You Can Dance. There are a couple reasons for this. First, have you seen the bodies of the girls on this show? Few things make me want to get up off the couch and march in place like the site of someone else throwing their body across a stage and into a man’s arms with only a .05 body fat percentage. Although watching things like this can also have the opposite effect on me, one where I am so depressed by the site of someone who can get their shit together and actually exercise that I end up just sitting on the couch and watching hours of the program while I eat my emotions.

Also, and I know that this is illogical thinking, when I see people dance that are THAT good, I somehow feel like I too could dance that well…only moments after finishing the program…with no training or practice.

Which means I usually end up looking something like this…

Carlton Being Carlton GIF - Carlton Being Carlton

So here are some of the videos I enjoy watching when I’m in a schlump that might make me feel adequately inadequate but always brighten my day.


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Damn you daylight saving.

I think I need #’s 1, 3, 6, 7, 9 & 10. Actually I am trying to make working out sound like a good idea, so maybe #11 as well.

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Let’s Lighten The Mood

That last post was rather drab and dim. Let’s lighten the mood.

Nothing does that like a few good looking people am I right?

Well it’s a Thursday, and I would usually watch a particularly embarrassing show on the CW, but it’s still on rerun schedule for the next few weeks ( I won’t give you the title even though it will be painfully obvious which show it is). To ease my pain I’m doing a Tribute To TVD. A feature picture of our 2 resident hot men and signature woman (because any men that read this, if that’s even a possibility deserve a little love too) that make Thursdays more than just the stepping stone to Friday.



There, I feel much better now.

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A Small Article for Encouraging Educational Discourse about the Kony 2012 Campaign

I believe the LRA is a terrible group and it is without question that Joseph Kony has done terrible things. However, viral videos, no matter how great, can be the cause of the spread of only partial information and slanted views. Some great friends, Caitlyn Falafal Burford Andy Franks & Courtney Marét have all brought some articles to light that delve more deeply into questions that address what percentage of Invisible Children’s finances actually reach the cause in Africa, as well as how they are using that small percentage in ways that might not be most beneficial to the well being of the people of Uganda. I do want to clarify that I have friends that work for Invisible Children and I in no way want to demean their work, or the good nature of their hearts and purity of their motives to help a cause they believe in. But I also feel that if people are interested in sending money to this organization, that they should be know more about the issues that are being brought to light in the video as well as what sending money to IC does (mainly how it supports not normal Northern Ugandans, but actually the Ugandan government which many scholars have pinpointed as one of the main sources for the conflict in the country). I do not claim to be an expert on the subject of anything happening in Uganda right now, but there have been some well-written, investigative articles written on the issue and if this is a cause you really are concerned about, take a few minutes to educate yourself on some of the various opinions and analyses on the past, present and potential future conditions of the conflicts in Uganda.

Here are a selection of articles for your own consideration:

Justice in Conflict

A well-worded article looking at the varying sides of the arguments at She’s the First

A more crassly worded article on Vice

Visible Children

The Daily What

A great article that features a video of people involved in Uganda (native country men) and their opinions on Africa’s a Country

Again, I am a believer in spreading awareness of these types of injustices that are happening around the world, and think that even with all things considered, the Kony 2012 has done an amazing job of spreading awareness of injustice, and I don’t want to make any ones mind up for them concerning their stances on the issue or Invisible Children. Kony 2012 is about awareness, and so I feel everyone should be AWARE of all sides of the matter.

Lindsay HO-han


Honestly I am so disappointed in one of my favorite networks. I just don’t know who woke up one day and thought, “I know the PERFECT way to increase our ratings for an episode this spring…Let’s kick-start Lindsay Lohan’s come-back”. Those are actually thoughts that no one should ever have…EVER. Well, if their only hope was to achieve high ratings, then mission accomplished. Apparently this was their 2nd highest rated episode of the season…behind Charles Barkley. First of all that sentence tells us a lot about the intelligence and level of humor that most of America must have (I’m assuming a large part of this is due to the ratings that come in from “the middle Americas” because if someone isn’t a mega-celebrity that is talked about on Entertainment Tonight or Sports Center they have no idea who they are. do they even have redbox yet…we’ll never know because I refuse to go more than 2 & 1/2 states in from either coast). My other guess is that everyone was tuning in to watch her crash and burn on the stage. In which case they were probably pleased with the show’s results. It was nothing short of a train wreck. She read off the cue-cards for most of the nights sketches, lacked comedic timing, and ruined any emotion that was supposed to be conveyed by her characters due in large part to the fact that she’s had so much plastic surgery her face face does little more than blink.

Unfortunately, I feel I have to put some of this blame on Lorne Michaels. I mean I get it Lorne…sort of. You produced Mean Girls, you and Tina Fey somewhat fostered the peak of her career, she had hosted successfully at least 2 or 3 times before. But, sometimes you just need to chalk things up to a lost cause. Lindsay Lohan is a lost cause. Yes it’s true that most of her life was probably thrown in to a tail spin by those jokes of humanity she calls parents, but she is 25 years old and more than capable of taking responsibility for her own life at this point. I mean my god even Britney Spear’s low point was more shallow and short lived than this. All I’m saying is there are other young, well-behaved, eager and willing girls in their 20’s (ehm…me) who would kill (not saying i’d put a hit on her but if that’s what it takes…) to have the chances she’s had, especially after these last few years.

Below is a video of the only good thing to come out of last Saturday’s episode. I will admit, this is a GREAT sketch. BUT I want it to be known that I don’t think that the fact that it is hilarious as all get out is in any way contributed to the fact that Ms. Ho-Han is a part of the skit. Indeed I think she almost drags down the fabulous performance by the rest of the cast (especially the blessedly gifted Kristen Wiig. Her depiction of Cinderella as a bitter, drunken lush who’s married to a nancy is award worthy). Although LL’s botox ridden mug is surely a staple in any of the housewife “sagas”, I think she may have served the skit better as an ugly stepsister or Maleficent.

*I also want to say that I was boycotting this episode and it was only this sketch below along with reviews of her terror on stage that made me illegally view it online. I’d die before I gave her the satisfaction of my ratings.

So, without further ado, and no room for any more disclaimers, I give you “The Real Housewives of Disney”

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Well NBC I’m always ready for my close-up just as soon as these cheap rating tricks prove to be failing. 

Daily Laugh

Ah, good old College Humor. They always know just how to put me in to a more agreeable mood.

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Harry Potter & The Littlest Mermaid

This made me smile. Harry Potter and Disney are probably 2 of the biggest influences of my adolescence. it only makes sense that somebody combined the 2 worlds. I’m just a little bitter it wasn’t me.

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